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| HucciMama contest at Zuzù Factory, Italy 2009 |

Summer 2009
The Italian T-shirt website ZuzuFactory.it and Hucci Mama launched a contest for the members of the website to design a t-shirt which was supposed to recall the vintage spirit of Miami in the 70's. This was my proposal: an awesome vintage DuneBuggy (Puma model), palms and a deep warm yellow.

huccimama tshirt


| AfterMath submitted at Threadless.com : USA 2009 |

| Playground Math submitted on Threadless.com : USA 2009 |

| Sneaker Surreal printed and sold by CultureTwist.com : South Korea 2008 |

CultureTwist.com hired me to design a couple of T-Shirts. Sneaker Surreal has been chosen and printed on blue, white and grey t-shirts. Unfortunately Culture Twist website displays properly only with Internet Explorer.

tshirt culturetwist sneaker surreal

| DolciBaci printed and sold by 2out, South Korea : 2007 |

Printed by 2out.com (now CultureTwist.com) in South Korea. This is a 100% girly T-shirt with sweet words in italian, curved font and a shiny magenta.

tshirt dolcibaci

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