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Hi! Hello! Hoi! Ciao! Hej! My name is Lorenzo.

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for my job. I draw since I was a child and my mother noticed it on the walls of our old home. If I have a blank paper and something to draw, I just can't resist: I draw.
I create, I invent, I have ideas.... ok, sometimes they might appear senseless, like the glove with a pimple; it's something that I'm not going to explain here.
I've had my own design company in Milano founded with friends and it's been active for several years (2003-2009). Progetto25zero1 was the name and we did many creative things in every creative field. To me, one of the best projects we made is the Elica Lamp: an interactive lamp that needs an airblow to be turned on and off.
Now I live in Stockholm to start over. Let's see how this adventure evolves.... till now I've met awesome people and made a bounch of new friends: italians, swedish and from any other european country. Ok, the weather is not that friendly, but who cares!? :) I don't.


From left to right, top to bottom:
| Me, thinking of Sweden, summer 2009 | Me, Simpsons version | Me at the supermarket the day before the graduation | Elica Lamp | Me and my friend Beltran: very serious poker faces with old military hats | Me, with my illustration printed on a tee | My favourite sneakers ever | Me, overexposed |

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| Italian icon of Mental Diseases Dept. | An icon sighted in Italy, don't ask me what it means | The Swedish elevators might be deadly | Funny sharks from internet | :)


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